Massive Sales on Expertnaire, With No Ads

I just shared two most powerful reasons why you won’t make money with Expertnaire, I call it the wrongs of Expertnaire.

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This Method has helped a lot of newbies online generate sales on Expertnaire. This is not just a course, this is a marketing roadmap for scaling affiliate  products on expertnaire.

"This Course Changed My Life!"

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"Changed My Business!"

With the way Folusho handles his marketing strategy, they are very simple, and organic. I have generated sales for my digital products using this guides without ads  – Grace

"Beginner's Friendly!"

The thing I appreciate about this guy is how his steps are beginners friendly. – Frank Williams

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A medical student turn marketer, that is what his guides have made of me, I will subscribe to his Massive Sale On Expertnaire if you are into Expertnaire with no selling skills – Samuel

Simple Marketing Strategy To Bag Massive Sales On Expertnaire Without Ads

It is a simple but ignored strategy that anyone can make use of, even a newbie in marketing.

"How does it feel to lose 40k signup fee on Expertnaire, recording little to no commission at all?"

I know a lot of you got into this system with little to no knowledge about how marketing really works.

But before you decide to get this course or not to, read this!!!

Generating sales is a process, and affiliate marketing itself is a process. And ones very mistake is ignoring the process of marketing and expecting sales.

The fact that there are a lot of testimonials and credit alert flying out the social space, isn’t proof enough that a system or expertnaire will work for you. Top guys into expertnaire are making it big because they understand perfectly how the marketing process work, both the basic and the advanced.

A lot of people got into the system with the two reasons I stated earlier, Intimidation and Influence, with a lot of vague promises of making it big and at the end nothing to show for it. 

If you are in this situation, making little to no sales with expertanaire then you should make this move really quickly.

And That’s When It Hit Me…

The marketing strategy in this course is not a get quick sales scheme that you should jump into, however you can make your very first sale the day after you secure this course, depending on how fast you can implement all the steps stated in the course.

The video course covers a step by step guide of how a marketing process should be.

Understand the product + Generate Traffic + Content Marketing + Recommendation = Sales Commission

This formula works well regardless of your level of marketing skill, just follow all the instructions stated in the course and your first commission is knocking at your door.

NOTE: The process of affiliate  marketing is not direct selling, it is recommendation. Recommending a product to solving a particular issue which you must have discussed in your content marketing plan, will lead to sales and then your commission.

What You Will Get :

when you enroll to this course today

That’s not all, you will also get

These 3 Special Bonuses

2 Hours Chat Session

You get a dedicated 2 hours chat session with me, to treat any sales related issues, beyond just this course.

Worth = NGN 20,000

Beginners Guide to Content Marketing

A top notch value packed eBook, that will sharpen your content marketing skill. 

It will make people pay for your product even before they buy.


The Art of Storytelling

With a good storytelling knowledge, you will be able to learn how to use storytelling to sell without forcing people to buy from you.

That is what you will gain from this eBook.

Worth = NGN 5,000



Learn from an expert who has understanding of how marketing works even for beginners.

I’m responsible for…. Web-2-Cash; 10X-a-Client, and a lot of sales generating eBooks.

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